On April 29, 2023, the 2023 “Pet Travel Notes – Have a Date with Your Loved Pet” large-scale pet carnival hosted by Nanhe Pet Industry and specially supported by Hebei Radio and Television Satellite TV Channel and Hebei Radio and Television Advertising Co., Ltd. He District Pet Industry Outlets opened grandly.

The pet industry outlets in Nanhe District, Xingtai City, with the theme of “A date with your pet”, refreshed the consumption experience, launched a cute pet market, set up a pet symbiosis camp, held a dog marathon, and a cat beauty pageant, etc. Rich activities, and a large number of interactive scenes that are suitable for both people and pets, provide solutions for the relationship between people and pets from pleasing yourself to accompanying sublimation. It is understood that Nanhe, as the “hometown of pet food in China”, has expanded from pet food to pet snacks, supplies, grooming, training, foster care, etc., and has formed a pet food and supplies as the center, radiating pets. Industrial chain system.

Song Chao, Director of Marketing Management Center of Hebei Radio and Television Station (Group); Du Pengyuan, Chairman and General Manager of Hebei Radio and Television Advertising Co., Ltd.; Wang Xingguo, Deputy Head of Nanhe District Government; Liu Yanbin, Deputy Head of Nanhe District Government; Lu Ruijing, secretary of the party group, director of the Bureau, and director of the Rural Revitalization Bureau; Zheng Ruilong, director of the Nanhe District Culture and Tourism Bureau; Yue Hongliang, director of Nanhe District Financial Media, and other relevant leaders attended the event.

Du Pengyuan, chairman and general manager of Hebei Radio and Television Advertising Co., Ltd., said in his speech that over the years, Hebei Radio and Television Station has focused on the development of emerging industries, and has continuously witnessed the magnificent turn and rapid progress of the Nanhe pet industry. Hebei Satellite TV Channel will take this opportunity to continue to achieve strategic cooperation with Nanhe Pet Industry, give full play to the media advantages to effectively increase the domestic and foreign influence of Nanhe Pet Industry, and jointly provide strong support for the construction of a Chinese-style modern Hebei scene.

At the event site, Liu Yanbin, deputy head of the Nanhe District Government, introduced the Nanhe pet industry. He said that in 2022, the annual sales of the district’s network will exceed 2 billion yuan, which will drive more than 20,000 local jobs. The pet industry in Nanhe District has achieved four of the largest in the country, namely the largest pet food production base in the country, the largest cat litter production base in the country, the largest online and offline integrated sales base in the country, and the largest single pet food production base in the country. factory. Nanhe District will focus on pet supplies, grooming, training, foster care and other business types. It also plans to launch a number of service-oriented pet economic projects such as pet trading markets and hospitals, and accelerate the implementation of the “Internet +” pet industry action to continuously guide existing industries. To high-end development, emerging industries gather in the south and the district.
Wang Xingguo, deputy head of the Nanhe District Government, took the stage to announce the launch of the “2023 Pet Travel Notes-A Date with Your Loved Pet” event, and started this large-scale pet carnival with all the guests to stimulate new vitality in pet consumption.
This event brings together many well-known brands of pet products, special delicacies, and good things. Through pet competitions and other activities, the symbiosis space for harmonious exchanges between humans and animals will be further expanded. Get in touch with all kinds of cute pets at close range, and create a feast of the most healing and happiest cute fun experience in late spring and early summer.